AE 501

The AE 501 is an innovative, lightweight
and powerful scent diffuser.


  • Blue LED Touch Screen Display
  • 3 Scent Settings
  • Capacity: 10 mL Recyclable Bottle (Included)
  • Black / Scratch Resistant Plastic
  • Unit size: 4.25” (10.8cm)L x 2.60” (6.6cm)R
  • Weight: 1.10lb (500g)
  • Power: Rechargeable DC 5V Battery
  • Battery Lasts Up to 80 Hours On Low
  • Automatically Stops Diffusing After 2 Hours
  • Micro USB Cable Included
  • Suggested Room Size: ~500 sq. ft. (50m2)
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Purtity Pro!

We hereby propose to furnish material and labor necessary for the completion of:

Caribbean Consciousness will provide sanitizing spray services using Aseptic+ Plus utilizing ULV sprayers.

Aseptic+ Plus is 7 solutions in 1:

  1. EPA registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant with over 60+ kill claims including (99.999%):
    *Influenza *H1N1 *MRSA *E.coli *Staph, many more (see kill list)
  2. NSF certified as a D2 food contact and non-food contact sanitizer (no rinse required)
  3. Mold and Mildew Killer
  4. Odor Eliminator
  5. Allergen Eliminator
  6. Antimicrobial Control
  7. Carpet and Fabric Sanitizer

*Non-Toxic * Non-Corrosive * pH8.5 * Safe * Effective * Fragrance-Free * Non-irritating to skin*

**CDC stated if an EPA disinfectant kills Influenza, H1N1, it would be effective against Coronavirus**

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Is your business clean?

When dealing with uncertainty during times like these wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that you and your consumers are safe.

Viruses, like COVID-19, are an invisible battle all businesses are fighting right now. Consumers feel unsafe and uneasy in almost every aspect of their daily lives.

Mold & Mildew
According to the CDC, mold can have a variety of health effects from stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes. People with allergies can also experience asthma as a result of mold presence.

Pet Odors & Bacteria
Solution for infection prevention & control. Highly effective at eliminating pet urine and fecal smells; a fragrance-free odor eliminator and ecologically safe.

Aseptic Plus Virus & Bacteria Kill List

  • Lowest EPA Toxicity Rating
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Irritating
  • Non-Staining
  • Non-Flammable
  • No Rinse required

Aseptic Plus is a broad antimicrobial that
performs against a wide varity of bacteria,
yeasts, viruses, fungi, spores, molds,
mildews, and other microbes

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“The EcoBurner Chafo provides us with more heat at a lower cost, helping us save in excess of 30% through the elimination of wase associated with part-used gels/wicks. ”
FRIEDA FRIEDSON, Santo Domingo Country Club
The scenting systems provided by Caribbean Consciousness have helped us create a luxury ambiance that our customers love.
General Manager, Melia Resorts & Spa, Punta Cana

About Us

With 18 years of experience in resort and hotel supply and scent marketing, we bring value to your business and luxury products to your home. Our clients include Casa de Campo, Casa Cuesta, Renaissance Jaragua, Hard Rock Casino, and Melia Resorts & Spa.